Our business.

We connect suppliers of energy and related products and services with customers. We build marketplaces that help to make the switch easy. We enable TPIs to thrive and realize spectacular growth. But over the years we learned the hard way. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to energy. Different markets. Different rules. Different labels.

In the Netherlands we currently operate under two labels. But watch this space. There is a lot more to come. Both in our home market and abroad. Connecthing Technologies is our in-house digital lab. The hub for our software developers, creative designers and data scientists. Enhancer of existing platforms by day. Developer and tester of new platforms by night.



NutSelect launched in 2004 and is now the leading energy distribution platform in the Netherlands, currently serving more than 350 TPIs. The company became part of Connecthing Group in 2017. NutSelect connects customers via TPIs to almost all major suppliers in the Netherlands, allowing them to compare tariffs and terms. The platform provides energy suppliers access to multiple sales channels (telemarketing, door-to-door, direct sales, shop-in-shop, etc.) and targeted customer journeys (energy brokers, real-estate, ex-pat services, etc.) stripping the complexity out of the sales process and ensures product offerings are always competitive and fully compliant. The result is qualitative sales and satisfied customers.



Inkoopmanager helps SMEs, SOHOs and freelancers reduce their energy costs. Since 2012, 400,000 participants have joined this purchasing collective. Inkoopmanager compares prices, negotiates the best deals and handles the switch. Being active in this market keeps us on our toes and helps us understand how we can better serve NutSelect’s 350 TPIs and resellers.

Connecthing Technologies.


Connecthing Technologies, is the software company behind SalesView Pro, the state-of-the-art platform we use today for all our switches in the Netherlands. Previously known as SCHERP Ontwikkeling, the company became part of Connecthing in 2019. This is where the innovation happens. This is our lab. Where we develop and test new marketplace technology for our home market and further afield. Connecthing Technologies is actively recruiting and building out our digital and data analytics capabilities. Skilled developers with PHP, .Net and Python coding experience are always welcome.

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